About InnerFaith Resources

InnerFaith Resources was founded on the conviction that all of humankind’s spiritual tools and insights must be brought to bear on the challenges we face in today’s world… and in each of our local communities.

Unfortunately, some of the world’s problems are actually made worse by religion, which is why we make a distinction between “religion,” “spirituality” and “faith,” as Gibran did. From a wider perspective, the world’s religious traditions can be seen as treasuries of “faith languages” — collections of stories, practices, and other resources for developing, maintaining, or transforming the kind of human beings we are, for fine-tuning our attitudes and behavior… our faith.

Depending on where we are right now in our lives, some of these traditions will be more or less effective in doing that job for us. We need not be confined to the traditions in which we were raised — whether religious or not — if our resources (or lack of them) can’t help us shape ourselves into the person we’d like to be.

Maybe we just haven’t delved deeply enough into the tradition we grew up with… or haven’t taken responsibility for shaping our own lives, in which case no resources — religious, scientific or otherwise — can help.

InnerFaith Resources was founded in 1994 as a non-profit corporation for the purpose of promoting the spiritual resources that are available, and best suited to our individual circumstances, to help us become the kind of human beings who can affect the world in a positive way. Perhaps that’s why the writings of Kahlil Gibran, and The Prophet in particular, are such an ideal complement to the long-term goals toward which we’re working, among them...

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...EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS designed to acquaint participants with the beliefs and practices of other spiritual/religious traditions;

...ISSUES FORUMS that bring together spokespersons from a variety of spiritual viewpoints to discuss topics of local and international interest;

...HUMAN NEEDS COMMITTEES where representatives from local congregations regularly meet to discuss the needs of their communities “at ground level,” and advise local government and social agencies on the need for public programs;

...RESOURCE DIRECTORIES featuring descriptions of local congregations and other agencies through which individuals can develop and express their personal faiths; and

...INTER-RELIGIOUS EVENTS in which cooperating congregations share their traditions, stories and songs — and energy! — including art and music festivals, Thanksgiving and holy day celebrations, communal meals, community work days, pulpit-exchange weekends, congregational “open houses,” and more.

InnerFaith Resources, through its publications division, is currently preparing a comprehensive booklet designed to assist sympathetic individuals or existing groups to explore and initiate these efforts in their own community. For additional information, or to inquire about our booklet, please send your e-mail to: